Home Insurance

Home Insurance

North Carolina residents are looking for the best insurance options to secure their property and protect against any damages that may happen. At First State Insurance Advisors Inc, we want our clients to know exactly what policy they are signing up for and choose one that fits their current lifestyle. Below are the different dwelling insurance options available with our agency.

HO-3 Homeowners Insurance

The coverage in an HO-3 homeowners insurance policy refers to covering the damages in and to your home at an open-peril basis. What this means is that all losses are covered in most situations, unless there are events that are outlined specifically in your policy. Beyond those exclusions, all incidents are covered with HO-3 homeowners' insurance. This policy is required by most mortgage lenders and preferred by homeowners across North Carolina. Any incidents that are not covered in this policy can be supplemented with other coverage options.

HO-4 Renters Insurance

When you purchase the HO-4 renters' insurance policy, you have financial limitations outlined for property and liability. However, incidents where your property is damaged, or you are found liable for other damages are covered up to these policy limits. This is the most commonly purchased renter’s insurance policy in North Carolina.

HO-6 Condo Insurance

Some homeowners in North Carolina and need the policy to cover the space that they own. While parts of the condominium are community property, from the wall studs to the door belongs to the condo owner. With a HO-6 condo insurance policy, these owners have property protection and liability coverage for any damage that happens to sole ownership property. Based upon how your policy is written, most incidents will be covered within your condo.

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